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Oriented edge. More...

#include <topology.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MbOrientedEdge (const MbCurveEdge &edge, bool orient)
 Constructor of oriented edge.
virtual ~MbOrientedEdge ()
virtual MbeTopologyType IsA () const
 A type of element.
void InitEdge (MbCurveEdge &initEdge, bool orient)
 Initialization by edge and direction.
const MbSurfaceIntersectionCurveGetIntersectionCurve () const
 Get surfaces intersection curve.
MbSurfaceIntersectionCurveSetIntersectionCurve ()
 Get surfaces intersection curve for modification.
const MbCurve3DGetCurve () const
 Get a curve of an edge.
MbCurve3DSetCurve ()
 Get a curve of an edge for modification.
MbFaceGetFacePlus () const
 Get the face where an edge lies.
MbFaceGetFaceMinus () const
 Get adjacent face.
const MbVertexGetBegVertex () const
 Get the start vertex.
const MbVertexGetEndVertex () const
 Get the end vertex.
MbVertexSetBegVertex ()
 Get the start vertex.
MbVertexSetEndVertex ()
 Get the end vertex.
void SetBegVertex (const MbVertex &ver)
 Set the start vertex.
void SetEndVertex (const MbVertex &ver)
 Set the end vertex.
MbCurveEdgeGetCurveEdge () const
 Get a face edge MbCurveEdge.
bool IsSameSense () const
 Get the direction relative to the curve.
bool IsStraight () const
 Is an edge rectilinear?
bool IsSeam () const
 Is an edge a seam?
bool IsColinear (const MbPlacement3D &) const
 Is an edge parallel to the placement?
bool IsVertexOn (const MbVertex *vertex) const
 Does a vertex belong an edge?
void GetBegVertexPoint (MbCartPoint3D &cp) const
 Get Cartesian point of start vertex.
void GetEndVertexPoint (MbCartPoint3D &cp) const
 Get Cartesian point of end vertex.
template<class VerticesVector >
void GetVerticesArray (VerticesVector &vertices, bool findSame=true) const
 Get a set of vertices.
bool GetOrientation () const
 Get orientation of face edge.
void SetOrientation (bool o)
 Set orientation of face edge.
MbeLabelState GetLabel (void *key=NULL) const
 Get label.
void SetOwnLabel (MbeLabelState l, void *key=NULL) const
 Set label.
void SetLabelThrough (MbeLabelState l, void *key=NULL) const
 Set label for oriented edge, face edge and vertices of edge.
void SetLabelThrough (MbeLabelState l, void *key, bool setLock) const
 Set label for oriented edge, face edge and vertices of edge.
void RemovePrivateLabel (void *key=NULL) const
 Remove private label.
void RemovePrivateLabelThrough (void *key) const
 Remove private label for oriented edge, face edge and vertices of edge.
void Point (double t, MbCartPoint3D &p) const
 Get point on the edge (0 <= t <= 1).
void GetBegPoint (MbCartPoint3D &p) const
 Get point at start vertex.
void GetEndPoint (MbCartPoint3D &p) const
 Get point at start vertex.
void Tangent (double t, MbVector3D &p) const
 Get tangent to the edge (0 <= t <= 1).
void GetBegTangent (MbVector3D &p) const
 Get tangent vector at start vertex.
void GetEndTangent (MbVector3D &p) const
 Get the tangent vector at the end vertex.
void GetProperties (MbProperties &)
 Get properties of the object.
void SetProperties (const MbProperties &)
 Set properties of the object.
size_t size () const
 Number of objects if object is interpreted as vector of objects.
const MbOrientedEdgeoperator[] (size_t) const
 An access operator.
- Public Member Functions inherited from MbTopItem
virtual MbeRefType RefType () const
 Registration type (for copying, duplication).
void PrepareWrite () const
 Prepare an object for writing.
bool IsAVertex () const
 Is it a vertex?
bool IsAWireEdge () const
 Is it an edge of wireframe?
bool IsAnEdge () const
 Is it an edge?
bool IsAFace () const
 Is it a face?
bool IsAShell () const
 Is it a shell?
- Public Member Functions inherited from MbRefItem
 MbRefItem ()
 Constructor without parameters.
refcount_t GetUseCount () const
 Get count of references (get count of owners of an object).
refcount_t AddRef () const
 Increase count of references by one.
refcount_t DecRef () const
 Decrease count of references by one.
refcount_t Release () const
 Decrease count of references by one and if count of references became zero, then remove itself.
- Public Member Functions inherited from TapeBase
 TapeBase (RegistrableRec regs=noRegistrable)
 TapeBase (const TapeBase &)
virtual ~TapeBase ()
RegistrableRec GetRegistrable () const
 Whether the stream class is registrable.
void SetRegistrable (RegistrableRec regs=registrable) const
 Set the state of registration of the stream class.
virtual const char * GetPureName (const VersionContainer &) const
 Get the class name.
virtual bool IsFamilyRegistrable () const
 Whether the object belongs to a registrable family.

Protected Attributes

 Face edge (always not NULL).
bool orientation
 Direction of a face edge in the loop.
MbLabel label
 Temporary label for performing of operations.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from MbTopItem
 MbTopItem ()

Detailed Description

Oriented edge.

An oriented edge describes a smooth piece of a face boundary. A sequence of oriented edges describes a boundary and forms a loop MbLoop. An oriented edge is based on the edge MbCurveEdge and always oriented along the loop of a face.
When moving along the oriented edge from the face external side the face always lies on the left.

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