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Terminator. More...

#include <mb_pmi.h>

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Public Member Functions

MbPlacement GetLocation () const
 Get terminator's location.
c3d::string_t GetTerminatorType () const
 Get terminator's type.
double GetWidth () const
 Get terminator's width.
double GetHeight () const
 Get terminator's height.
void Init (const MbTerminator &)
 Initialize terminator.
bool IsSame (const MbTerminator &to, double accuracy) const
 Are the objects equal.
SPtr< MbTerminatorClone () const
 Create a copy of an object.
- Public Member Functions inherited from MbRefItem
virtual MbeRefType RefType () const
 Registration type (for copying, duplication).
refcount_t GetUseCount () const
 Get count of references (get count of owners of an object).
refcount_t AddRef () const
 Increase count of references by one.
refcount_t DecRef () const
 Decrease count of references by one.
refcount_t Release () const
 Decrease count of references by one and if count of references became zero, then remove itself.
- Public Member Functions inherited from TapeBase
 TapeBase (RegistrableRec regs=noRegistrable)
 TapeBase (const TapeBase &)
virtual ~TapeBase ()
RegistrableRec GetRegistrable () const
 Whether the stream class is registrable.
void SetRegistrable (RegistrableRec regs=registrable) const
 Set the state of registration of the stream class.
virtual const char * GetPureName (const VersionContainer &) const
 Get the class name.
virtual bool IsFamilyRegistrable () const
 Whether the object belongs to a registrable family.

Static Public Member Functions

static SPtr< MbTerminatorCreate (const MbPlacement &location, const c3d::string_t &type, double sizeX, double sizeY)
 Create terminator. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from MbRefItem
 MbRefItem ()
 Constructor without parameters.

Detailed Description


Designed to dispay points on PMI curves with special meaning.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Create()

static SPtr<MbTerminator> MbTerminator::Create ( const MbPlacement location,
const c3d::string_t type,
double  sizeX,
double  sizeY 

Create terminator.

[in]location- Location of terminator in the display plane,
[in]type- Terminator type,
[in]sizeX- Size of the terminator in the x direction of the location,
[in]sizeY- Size of the terminator in the y direction of the location.
Instance of terminator, if the type string not empty and sizses greater than Math::lengthEpsilon, otherwise null pointer.

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