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MtBoxConstraint Class Reference

Overlaying mate onto two boxes. More...

#include <gcm_mates_generator.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual GCM_alignment AlignType () const
 Condition of alignment.
virtual GCM_angle_type AngleType () const
 Kind of angular constraint ("3D" or "Planar").
virtual GCM_geom_axis AxisOfPlanarAngle () const
 Axis of angular mating specified in LCS of some solid. Only for planar kind of constraint.
virtual MtMateType ConstraintType () const
 Type of geometric constraint.
virtual ItGeomPtr GeomItem (int nb) const
 Mating object of the constraint by a number of an argument . More...
virtual double DimParameter () const
 Numerical parameter of the dimensional constraint. More...
virtual GCM_tan_choice TangencyChoice () const
 Variant of tangency for constraint of type 'GCM_TANGENT'.
virtual MtResultCode3D ErrorCode () const
 Diagnostic error code attached to this constraint.
virtual VERSION Version () const
 The version of mathematical kernel in which the mating was created.

virtual void SetErrorCode (MtResultCode3D res)
 Set the error code for unsatisfied mate.
virtual void SetAxisOf3DAngleType (const MbVector3D &)
 Set axis for angular mate with three-dimensional type of dimension;.
- Public Member Functions inherited from MtRefItem
refcount_t AddRef () const
 Adds a reference to this object.
refcount_t Release () const
 Releases a reference to this object.
refcount_t GetUseCount () const
 Returns a number of objects referring to this.
- Public Member Functions inherited from ItConstraintItem
virtual MbVector3D AxisOf3DAngle () const
 Axis of angular mating with king GCM_3D_ANGLE. More...
ItGeomPtr DependentGeom () const
 Dependent geom of type GCM_DEPENDENT, it is always first geom item.
virtual GCM_dependent_func Function () const
 Callback function which defines a law of positioning of the first geometric object which is dependent on positions of other objects.
MtArgument GeomArg (int geomN) const
 Geometric argument of the constraint. More...
MtGeomVariant SubGeom (int geomNb) const
 Geometric value of the argument, given in LCS of a "mating" object GeomItem(geomN). More...
virtual int Arity () const
 Number of geoms involved in the constraint.
virtual void SetAxisOf3DAngle (const MbVector3D &axis)
 Specify the axis for angular mating with three-dimensional type of dimension (GCM_3D_ANGLE). More...

Detailed Description

Overlaying mate onto two boxes.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GeomItem()

virtual ItGeomPtr MtBoxConstraint::GeomItem ( int  geomN) const

Mating object of the constraint by a number of an argument .

geomN- Number of geom argument from 1 and greater.
Mating object calculating in the constraint system.

Implements ItConstraintItem.

◆ DimParameter()

virtual double MtBoxConstraint::DimParameter ( ) const

Numerical parameter of the dimensional constraint.

If the dimensional constraint is angular, then the returning parameter is specified in radians.

Implements ItConstraintItem.

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