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Geometric constraint. More...

#include <constraint.h>

Public Member Functions

bool IsNull () const
 Return true if the constraint is invalid.
MtMateType ConstraintType () const
 Type of geometric constraint.
double DimValue () const
 Current value of the dimension.
bool CreateMesh (const MbAssembly &assem, const MbStepData &stepData, const MbFormNote &note, double meshUnit, uint32 color)
 Create a polygonal object for visualization.
const ItConstraintItemConstraintItem () const
 Get a pointer to geometric constraint implementation.
const std::vector< MtGeomArgument > & GeomArguments () const
 Get arguments of geometric constraint.
const MbItemGetMesh () const
 Get a pointer to draw object of geometric constraint.
MtGeomConstraintoperator= (const MtGeomConstraint &)
 The assignment operator.
bool operator== (const MtGeomConstraint &) const
 The equality operator.


class MtConstraintIter

Detailed Description

Geometric constraint.

This class represents all kinds of constraints of assembly, including geometrical and dimensional relationships between the model objects.

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