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SceneContent class represents scene content as the graph. More...

#include <vsn_scenecontent.h>

Public Member Functions

 SceneContent ()
 Default constructor.
 SceneContent (SceneSegment *pSegment)
 Constructor by scene root segment.
 SceneContent (const SceneContent &other)
virtual ~SceneContent ()
MbCube GetBoundingBox ()
 Returns bounding box of scene content.
SceneSegmentGetRootSegment () const
 Returns pointer to the scene root segment.
std::shared_ptr< RenderContainerGetContainer ()
 Returns pointer to container of visual effects.
size_t GetCount () const
 Returns scene object count.
bool IsEmpty () const
 True if scene is empty.
size_t GetFaceCount () const
 Returns face count.
size_t GetVertexCount () const
 Returns vertex count.
size_t GetMaterialCount () const
 Returns material count.
std::set< Material * > GetMaterials () const
 Returns set of materials.
std::list< RenderObject * > GetObjects () const
 Returns scene object list.
std::list< RenderObject * > GetVisibleObjects () const
 Returns scene visible object list.
SceneSegmentGetSegment (const NodeKey &key) const
 Returns pointer to scene segment. More...
ObjectList< SceneSegment * > GetSegments () const
 Returns all scene segments.
size_t GetSegmentCount () const
 Returns segment count.
bool IsExistSegment (const NodeKey &key) const
 Checks if segments with specified identifier exist in container. More...
std::list< SceneSegmentData * > GetSegmentsData () const
 Returns segment data.
std::list< SceneSegmentRef * > GetReferenceSegments () const
 Returns reference pointer list.
size_t GetBodyCount () const
 Returns body count.
size_t GetRepCount () const
 Returns representation count.
MbVector3D GetUpVector () const
 Returns scene up vector.
SceneSegmentDetachRootSegment ()
 Detaches root segment from the scene.
void RebuildFrustumTree ()
void ReplaceRootSegment (SceneSegment *pSegment)
 Replaces scene root segment. More...
void ReverseNormal ()
 Reverses scene normals.
void Clear ()
 Clears scene.
void SetViewport (Viewport *pViewport)
 Sets scene viewport. More...
void SelectSegment (const SceneSegment *pSegment)
 Selects set segment. More...
void SelectSegment (NodeKey segmentId)
 Selects segment by identifier. More...
void UnselectSegment (NodeKey segmentId)
 Unselects segment. More...
void SelectAllSegments ()
 Selects all scene segments.
void UnselectAllSegments ()
 Unselects all scene segments.
void SelectVisibleViewObjects ()
 Selects all visible scene segments.
void ReverseSelectedSegmentsState ()
 Hides or shows selected segments. More...
void ShowSelectedSegments ()
 Shows selected segments.
void HideSelectedSegments ()
 Hides selected segments.
SceneContentoperator= (const SceneContent &)
 Assignment operator. More...
bool operator== (const SceneContent &other) const
 Comparison operator. More...
void Render (uint groupId, RenderMode renderingMode=rm_Shaded)
 Renders all scene objects. More...

Detailed Description

SceneContent class represents scene content as the graph.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetSegment()

SceneSegment* VSN::SceneContent::GetSegment ( const NodeKey key) const

Returns pointer to scene segment.

[in]id- Segment identifier.
Pointer to scene segment.

◆ IsExistSegment()

bool VSN::SceneContent::IsExistSegment ( const NodeKey key) const

Checks if segments with specified identifier exist in container.

[in]id- Segment identifier.
True if segment with such identifier exists.

◆ ReplaceRootSegment()

void VSN::SceneContent::ReplaceRootSegment ( SceneSegment pSegment)

Replaces scene root segment.

[in]pSegment- New scene root segment.

◆ SetViewport()

void VSN::SceneContent::SetViewport ( Viewport pViewport)

Sets scene viewport.

[in]pViewport- Pointer to viewport.

◆ SelectSegment() [1/2]

void VSN::SceneContent::SelectSegment ( const SceneSegment pSegment)

Selects set segment.

[in]pSegment- Set segment.

◆ SelectSegment() [2/2]

void VSN::SceneContent::SelectSegment ( NodeKey  segmentId)

Selects segment by identifier.

[in]segmentId- Segment identifier.

◆ UnselectSegment()

void VSN::SceneContent::UnselectSegment ( NodeKey  segmentId)

Unselects segment.

[in]segmentId- Segment identifier.

◆ ReverseSelectedSegmentsState()

void VSN::SceneContent::ReverseSelectedSegmentsState ( )

Hides or shows selected segments.

Hides or shows selected segments. Reverses state of selected segments(show/hide).

◆ operator=()

SceneContent& VSN::SceneContent::operator= ( const SceneContent )

Assignment operator.

Assignment operator.

◆ operator==()

bool VSN::SceneContent::operator== ( const SceneContent other) const

Comparison operator.

Comparison operator.

[in]other- Scene for comparison.
True if compared scene contents are identical.

◆ Render()

void VSN::SceneContent::Render ( uint  groupId,
RenderMode  renderingMode = rm_Shaded 

Renders all scene objects.

[in]groupId- Group identifier.
[in]renderingMode- Geometry rendering mode.

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