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SceneSegmentData class represents scene segment data. More...

#include <vsn_scsegmentdata.h>

Public Member Functions

 SceneSegmentData (GeometryRep *pRep=nullptr)
 Special constructor with representation. More...
 ~SceneSegmentData ()
void SetReference (SceneSegmentRef *pSegmentRef)
 Sets for segment data reference to geometry. More...
bool HasSegmentData () const
 True if segment has data. More...
size_t GetSegmentCount () const
 Returns count of inserted segments.
SceneSegmentGetFirstSegmentData () const
 Returns pointer to the first segment.
const Matrix3DFGetRelativeMatrix () const
 Returns relative matrix of segment.
SceneSegmentRefGetDataReference () const
 Returns reference to this data.
const ObjectList< SceneSegment * > & GetSegmentData () const
 Returns array of segments.
const StringGetName () const
 Returns the name of segment insertion.
void SetName (const String &name)
 Sets the name of segment insertion. More...
int GetDataUseCount () const
 Returns the reference count to this data.
void ParentChangedGeometry (const SceneSegment *pSegmentRemove)
 \ ru Изменить родителя для геометрии. Change parent for geometry.
void SegmentCreated (SceneSegment *pSegment)
 Adds created segment. More...
void SegmentDeleted (SceneSegment *pSegment)
 Removes given segment from array. More...
SceneSegmentDataMove (const Matrix3DF &matrix)
 Replaces data by set matrix. More...
SceneSegmentDataTranslate (double x, double y, double z)
 Transforms data by coordinates. More...
SceneSegmentDataTranslate (const MbVector3D &vec)
 Transforms data by given vector. More...
SceneSegmentDataSetMatrix (const Matrix3DF &matrix)
 Sets relative matrix. More...
SceneSegmentDataResetToIdentityMatrix ()
 Resets matrix to identity one. More...
void UpdateDataAbsoluteMatrix ()
 Refreshes absolute matrix for all subsegments.

Detailed Description

SceneSegmentData class represents scene segment data.

SceneSegmentData class contains geometry representation and also reference to it. SceneSegmentData class has SceneSegment container as additional information on representation reference.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SceneSegmentData()

VSN::SceneSegmentData::SceneSegmentData ( GeometryRep pRep = nullptr)

Special constructor with representation.

[in]pRep- Representation.

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetReference()

void VSN::SceneSegmentData::SetReference ( SceneSegmentRef pSegmentRef)

Sets for segment data reference to geometry.

[in]pSegmentRef- Scene graph reference segment.

◆ HasSegmentData()

bool VSN::SceneSegmentData::HasSegmentData ( ) const

True if segment has data.

True if segment has data .

◆ SetName()

void VSN::SceneSegmentData::SetName ( const String name)

Sets the name of segment insertion.

[in]name- Set name.

◆ SegmentCreated()

void VSN::SceneSegmentData::SegmentCreated ( SceneSegment pSegment)

Adds created segment.

[in]pSegment- Added segment.

◆ SegmentDeleted()

void VSN::SceneSegmentData::SegmentDeleted ( SceneSegment pSegment)

Removes given segment from array.

[in]pSegment- Removed segment.

◆ Move()

SceneSegmentData* VSN::SceneSegmentData::Move ( const Matrix3DF matrix)

Replaces data by set matrix.

[in]matrix- Move matrix.
Moves data by matrix.

◆ Translate() [1/2]

SceneSegmentData* VSN::SceneSegmentData::Translate ( double  x,
double  y,
double  z 

Transforms data by coordinates.

[in]x- X-coordinate.
[in]y- Y-coordinate.
[in]z- Z-coordinate.
Transformed data segment.

◆ Translate() [2/2]

SceneSegmentData* VSN::SceneSegmentData::Translate ( const MbVector3D vec)

Transforms data by given vector.

[in]vec- Transformation vector.
Transformed data segment.

◆ SetMatrix()

SceneSegmentData* VSN::SceneSegmentData::SetMatrix ( const Matrix3DF matrix)

Sets relative matrix.

[in]matrix- New relative matrix.
Data segment with changed matrix.

◆ ResetToIdentityMatrix()

SceneSegmentData* VSN::SceneSegmentData::ResetToIdentityMatrix ( )

Resets matrix to identity one.

Data segment with identity matrix.

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