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cr_boolean_solid.h File Reference

Boolean operation constructor. More...

#include <creator.h>


class  MbBooleanSolid
 Boolean operation constructor. More...


MbCreatorCreateBoolean (MbFaceShell *shell1, MbeCopyMode sameShell1, MbFaceShell *shell2, MbeCopyMode sameShell2, const RPArray< MbCreator > &creators, size_t &sharedCount, size_t &firstCount, OperationType oType, const MbSNameMaker &operNames, const MbBooleanFlags &flags, MbResultType &res, MbFaceShell *&shell)
 Create the shell of Boolean operation. More...
MbCreatorCreateBoolean (c3d::ShellSPtr &shell1, MbeCopyMode sameShell1, c3d::ShellSPtr &shell2, MbeCopyMode sameShell2, const c3d::CreatorsSPtrVector &creators, size_t &sharedCount, size_t &firstCount, const MbBooleanOperationParams &params, MbResultType &res, c3d::ShellSPtr &shell)
 Create the shell of Boolean operation. More...

Detailed Description

Boolean operation constructor.