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cr_offset_curve.h File Reference

Offset curve constructor. More...

#include <creator.h>
#include <templ_sptr.h>
#include <op_curve_parameter.h>
#include <vector>


class  MbOffsetCurveCreator
 Offset curve constructor. More...


MbCreatorCreateOffsetCurve (const MbCurve3D &initCurve, const MbSpatialOffsetCurveParams &params, MbResultType &resType, MbCurve3D *&resCurve)
 Create an offset curve from three-dimensional curve and direction. More...
MbCreatorCreateOffsetCurve (const MbCurve3D &curve, const MbSurfaceOffsetCurveParams &params, MbResultType &resType, RPArray< MbCurve3D > &resCurves)
 Create an offset curve from a spatial curve and offset value. More...

Detailed Description

Offset curve constructor.