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mb_cart_point.h File Reference

The cartesian two-dimensional point. More...

#include <mb_vector.h>


class  MbCartPoint
 The cartesian two-dimensional point. More...


 C3D namespace declaration.


typedef std::vector< MbCartPointc3d::ParamPointsVector
 Points vector.
typedef std::vector< MbVectorc3d::ParamVectorsVector
 Vectors vector.
typedef std::pair< MbCartPoint, size_t > c3d::ParamPointIndex
 Pair point-index.
typedef std::pair< MbCartPoint, size_t > c3d::Point2DIndex
 Pair point-index.
typedef std::pair< size_t, MbCartPointc3d::IndexParamPoint
 Pair index-point.
typedef std::pair< size_t, MbCartPointc3d::IndexPoint2D
 Pair index-point.
typedef std::pair< MbCartPoint, MbCartPointc3d::ParamPointsPair
 Pair point-point.
typedef std::pair< MbCartPoint, MbVectorc3d::ParamPointVector
 Pair point-vector.
typedef std::pair< MbCartPoint, MbVectorc3d::PointVector2D
 Pair point-vector.


bool c3d::EqualLengths (double lx, double ly, double minLen=METRIC_EPSILON, double minDev=LENGTH_EPSILON)
 Check lengths for equality. More...

Detailed Description

The cartesian two-dimensional point.