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mb_vector.h File Reference

Two-dimensional vector. More...

#include <io_base.h>
#include <mb_enum.h>


class  MbVector
 Two-dimensional vector. More...
class  MbDirection
 Two-dimensional normalized vector. More...


 C3D namespace declaration.


double Angle2Vectors (const MbVector &v1, const MbVector &v2)
 Calculate minimal angle between two vectors. More...
double SetVecM (const MbVector &vF, const MbVector &vS)
 Calculate "vector" product of two vectors.
MbVector c3d::Perpendicular (MbVector vec)
 Vector rotated by pi/2 radians counterclockwise.
bool c3d::IsNull (const MbVector &vec, double eps)
 Check vector length to be equaled to zero with given tolerance.

Detailed Description

Two-dimensional vector.

Defined classes: two-dimensional vector and normalized two-dimensional vector. Also defined functions finding various relations between two vectors.