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Set of faces for build a median shell. More...

#include <op_shell_parameter.h>

Public Member Functions

 MedianShellFaces ()
 Default constructor.
 MedianShellFaces (const std::vector< c3d::ItemIndexPair > &pairs)
 Constructor by parameters.
 MedianShellFaces (const MedianShellFaces &other)
 Constructor by parameters.
 ~MedianShellFaces ()
void Transform (const MbMatrix3D &)
 Transform an object according to the matrix.
void Move (const MbVector3D &)
 Move an object along a vector.
void Rotate (const MbAxis3D &, double angle)
 Rotate an object at a given angle around an axis.
bool IsSame (const MedianShellFaces &obj, double accuracy) const
 Determine whether an object is equal?
void AddFacePair (const MbItemIndex &f1, const MbItemIndex &f2, double dist=0.0)
 Add pair of faces.
const c3d::ItemIndexPair & _GetFacePair (size_t index) const
 Get pair of faces by index.
c3d::ItemIndexPair & SetFacePair (size_t index)
 Set pair of faces by index.
void RemovePairByIndex (size_t index)
 Remove pair of faces from set.
const double & _GetDistance (size_t index) const
 Get distance between faces.
void _SetDistance (size_t index, double value)
 Set distance between faces.
void Inverse (size_t index)
 Inverse face pair.
size_t Count () const
 Get count of pairs in given set.
MedianShellFacesoperator= (const MedianShellFaces &other)
 Assignment operator.
void Clear ()
 Clear current faces set.
size_t IsExist (const MbItemIndex &ind, size_t start_pos, size_t end_pos, bool &first) const
 Check if pair already in set.

Detailed Description

Set of faces for build a median shell.

Set of faces for build a median shell.

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