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curve.h File Reference

Curve in two-dimensional space. More...

#include <plane_item.h>
#include <mb_cart_point.h>
#include <mb_rect1d.h>
#include <mb_data.h>
#include <templ_visitor.h>
#include <hash32.h>


class  MbCurve
 Curve in two-dimensional space. More...


 C3D namespace declaration.


MbeNewtonResult NearestPoints (const MbCurve &curve1, bool ext1, const MbCurve &curve2, bool ext2, double xEpsilon, double yEpsilon, double &t1, double &t2, double &dmin, VERSION version=Math::DefaultMathVersion())
 Calculate parameters of the nearest points of two curves. More...
double AreaSign (const MbCurve &curve, double sag, bool close)
 An area and orientation of a closed curve. More...

Detailed Description

Curve in two-dimensional space.

Two-dimensional curves are used for description of surfaces parameters domain, calculation of three-dimensional curves on surfaces, surfaces intersection curves, projections, three-dimensional curves on surface and plane of local coordinate systems. Two-dimensional curves are organizes in the same way as three-dimensional curves with a difference that instead of three-dimensional points and vectors two-dimensional points and vectors are used in two-dimensional curves.