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Parameters of a rib. More...

#include <op_shell_parameter.h>

Public Member Functions

 MbRibSolidParameters (const MbPlacement3D &place, const MbContour &contour, size_t index, const RibValues &pars, const MbSNameMaker &names)
const MbSNameMakerGetNameMaker () const
 Get the object defining names generation in the operation.
const RibValuesGetParams () const
 Get the operation parameters.
const MbContourGetContour () const
 Get the generating contour .
size_t GetIndex () const
 Get the segment number in the contour.
const MbPlacement3DGetPlacement () const
 Get the generating contour coordinate system.

Detailed Description

Parameters of a rib.

The construction parameters of rib by curve gives its shape.

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