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Patch curve conjugation. More...

#include <op_shell_parameter.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual ~MbPatchMating ()
virtual void SetMate (MbePatchMatingType newType, const MbSurface *newSurface)=0
 Set conjugation type.
virtual void SetMate (size_t segInd, MbePatchMatingType newType, const MbSurface *newSurface)=0
 Set conjugation type of segment.
virtual bool SetMateByCurve (MbePatchMatingType newType, const MbCurve3D &curve)=0
 Set conjugation type to a curve on a surface or a contour from curves on a surface.
virtual MbePatchMatingType GetMatingType () const =0
 Get the type of conjugation.
virtual const MbSurfaceGetSurface () const =0
 Get surface.
virtual const MbPatchCurveMating * GetSegmentMate (size_t segInd) const =0
 The conjugation by segment number segInd.
virtual MbeSpaceType GetOwnerType () const =0
 The conjugation owner type.
virtual bool IsSame (const MbPatchMating &other, double accuracy) const =0
 Determine whether the objects are same.
virtual bool IsSimilar (const MbPatchMating &other) const =0
 Determine whether the objects are similar.
virtual bool SetEqual (const MbPatchMating &other)=0
 Make equal.
virtual void Transform (const MbMatrix3D &matr, MbRegTransform *iReg)=0
 Transform elements according to the matrix.
virtual void Move (const MbVector3D &to, MbRegTransform *iReg)=0
 Translate objects along a vector.
virtual void Rotate (const MbAxis3D &axis, double angle, MbRegTransform *iReg)=0
 Rotate about an axis.

Protected Member Functions

 MbPatchMating ()
 MbPatchMating (const MbPatchMating &)

Detailed Description

Patch curve conjugation.

Patch curve conjugation.

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